In Colombia, dental clinics have developed in an excessive way, so much so that they have opted to break their original ties with the traditional health system so as not to inhibit their growth.

After having conducted a thorough analysis of them throughout the country we have considered the following as the best 5: 




It has more than 20 years in the market and is considered as one of the most important clinics in this branch of health, SONRÍA enjoys a highly trained staff who provide a special oral health and aesthetic service for each of its clients, These work under select quality standards in order to provide optimal service..




Working under strict corporate values governed by “excellence” so it is considered as one of the best.
Vital, not only has a qualified staff, also the best of services through high technology in order to obtain more optimal results and greater customer satisfaction.




This dental clinic has as its main reason to provide through each procedure a service of high aesthetic category of oral health, this through its personal professional and its technological means so that the patient owns a safe, personalized service and an experience of DENTAL HOME.




Ensuring results for more than 15 years, DENTIX has submerged in a particular way in this market, with more than 100 clinics around the world it has been one of the pioneers in oral health. Not only in Colombia but also throughout Latin America, it is equipped with first-class technology, 3D TC, CAD CAM and intraoral camera are some of its implements to be used in its procedures.
This clinic offers a special financing system to each of its clients with up to 60 months and this has been one of its great plus to attract clients.




With 17 years of experience in oral health this clinic has broken standards, with a personal egregium, its cutting-edge technology and its more than 10 stores in the city of Bogotá alone.

CITYDENT is seen as a leading company in dental care in the country to be known as the best in Colombia in the short term, which is why it has the mission of providing each of its patients with the best quality-governed services. of laws and regulations that shelter these. They work under the motto: “We certify your smile”