In Colombia we are known for our traditions, for our music, our coffee, our friendliness and of course for our food in which desserts or sweets cannot be missing. These sweets delight both children and adults, and below we name some of the most requested and consumed by locals and visitors;





This is prepared with milk which is caramelized until completely thick. This sweet is used to complement other desserts and cakes. Colombians usually eat it with soda crackers and after enjoying a lunch, they also eat it with bread, cheese and ice cream. The arequipe or also called “dulce de leche” is present in most Colombian homes.





This typical Colombian sweet is made from guava and sugar, it is characterized by being one of the typical Colombian foods. It is also used to complement other sweets and desserts and is normally consumed alone or accompanied with cheese or milk.




It originates from the Valle del Cauca department, it is made from sugar or panela, rice and milk. This candy is usually found at any candy store or souvenir shop in major cities and airports.




It is a Colombian fruit and is usually accompanied with arequipe, and is present on the menus of the best restaurants.





This delicious typical Colombian sweet mixes ingredients such as rice, milk and sugar or panela and in some cases raisins, its texture is creamy and when serving, a touch of cinnamon is added.





This typical sweet from the Caribbean coast is made with ingredients such as coconut, milk and sugar. If you visit Cartagena you can not stop trying this characteristic sweet of this area. You find it in the candy or craft stores on the streets.




Normally this sweet is consumed at Christmas time since it is part of traditional December or New Year’s meals. Its preparation is very easy since the mixture to prepare it is found in the main supermarkets.





Its name refers to the fact that this sweet is made from three milks: whole milk, condensed milk and milk cream. It is normally eaten cold and you can get it ready in supermarkets.