Colombia, apart from coffee, it is known worldwide for the emeralds. The places where frequently are extracted the emeralds are the East Range of Andes.





This mine is located in Boyacá, between the towns of Quipama and Muzo. It is estimated that in the deposits of Muzo and Quipama were found emeralds of the best quiality in the world called as “Gota de Aceite”, they are green and with great purity.a.




They are located at few kilometers north from Muzo, near the towns of Otanche, Santa Bárbara and San Pablo de Borbur. The color of the emeralds of this deposits is green with yellow, with a good light and most of them seems like the Muzo ones excepto for the crystals of Parisita.




They are located in the Cundinamarca region, at east of Bogotá on the east range. Between the most knowns mines we have La Vega de San Juan, Las Cruces, El Diamante, La Estrella, El Perro, La Mula and El Toro.

From the Gachalá mines they have obteined some of the most famous emeralds of Colombia, worlwide knows, as they are the most beautiful.




The emerald district of Chivor is located in the Boyacá region on the east range at 35 kilometers from Gachalá. The mines are very known, such as Gualí, Chivor, Buenavista and Mundo Nuevo.
The emeralds of Chivor has colors of blue tones.