Colombia is a country where all the inhabitants have the music and rhythm in their body, so in any corner of the country you can dance any kind of music, but salsa is a rhythm that people like more and every city has places to dance.

El goce pagano 

In Bogotá city, more than 35 years ago was born a bohemian place with a amazing atmosphere, called El Goce Pagano (the pagan pleasure). Besides dancing salsa you can hear there, reggae, cumbia and another rhythms. The most known drink is the Cuban Mojito.




La Puerta

In the city of Santa Marta you can find a small place that represent a good oportunity to appreciate a place of salsa 100%. Inside the place you can find an open air space to enjoy with the hot and sweat of the salsa rhythm. It is usually frequented by young people. .




 “Lo de Toto”

There is a place in Santa Marta that is named Cultural Heritage of the city. The dance floor is open air, it is rustic and with plastic chairs. Here, all the visitors wears comfortable clotes, the alcohol chart counts with beer an ron Medellín. It is really a popular place and where you can breathe the culture of the city.




Donde Fidel

In Cartagena de Indias, you can find a place called “Donde Fidel” (Fidel’s place) that is a space to listen and appreciate the salsa, there is no much dance, it is located in the Plaza de los Coches, behind the clock tower, inside the walled downtown. It is usually frequented by people on age.


Café Havana

Inside Getsemaní suburb in Cartagena de Indias, there is a place called Café Havana. His name and decoration honor the salsa of Cuba in the 50s. There is a live orchestra, the people are well dressed. The chart of alcohol is big with shots and cocktails. It is a very recommended place.




Tin tin Deo

In the city of Cali, there is a place called Tin Tin Deo, a place with 24 years old. Here you can find photos, and galleries of the salsa history. On thursdays the persons who assist are dress in white