Thanks to the diversity of thermal floors in Colombia, there are crops with different species of aromatic plants such as rosemary, thyme among others, these have different uses such as in the kitchen, to make shots and infusions and in some cases to flavor spaces . We will name them the best known:


1. Thyme



This plant is well known in the kitchen as it can be used in sauces and to marinate meats. Its aroma is strong and pleasant, it also has healing properties since it is used for respiratory problems.





This plant has different uses, it is used as an anti-inflammatory and for personal care use, in the kitchen it is used to flavor sauces and flavor oils.


3. Peppermint



It is a plant that emits a fresh and flavoring smell on its leaves, it is used in the kitchen in the pastry and desserts, also to create sweets and vinaigrettes, medicinally it is used to make shots and infusions since it serves for the digestive system.


4. Mint



It is used for dental hygiene care, and also in shots to relieve stomach discomfort and pain relief. In the kitchen it is used for salads and to flavor some meats such as lamb. It is also used in some drinks and cocktails.


5. Melissa



It is well known for taking and serving for nerves, anxiety, stress and to relieve stomach and menstrual pain. It is also used in the kitchen to add aroma to drinks and desserts.


6. Marjoram



It helps digestion discomfort, and for the nerves. In some kitchens they use it to flavor sauces, pasta and meat, the flavor is sweet.


7. Lavender



Known for its delicious aroma and its properties to relieve anxiety and insomnia, in the kitchen it is used to flavor sauces and salads. They also use it as an essence and oils to flavor environments.


8. Citron


Its smell is similar to lemon and the flavor is rich. It is used to relieve stress and anxiety since its aroma is very refreshing. In the kitchen it is used for salads and desserts. It also has properties that help with bad breath.


9. Stevia



This plant has become famous thanks to its sweet taste so much the case that some people have replaced it with sugar. It has also been very helpful for people who suffer from sugar since its extract does not provide calories and does not affect blood glucose levels





Its smell is similar to lemon, it is used to flavor some sauces and meats also for salads. Its properties help calm menstrual cramps and nausea.

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