1). To know the best beaches in all Colombia.

This sector has no doubt, the best sea of the country, more than 14 beaches that amazes all the visitors. The golden sand, the diversity of fauna and flora, land and marine that makes this place the Colombian pardise. The trip to Tayrona Park is the best vacation plan for those that likes to enjoy nature and the blue of the sea.

2). To share with family and friends.

There is nothing better than to go out in adventures with your loved ones, the Tayrona Park offers plans for all ages and likes. Beach, sand, camping, is liked by kids and adults can enjoy the sea, the sun and ecological paths through the forest and the shore. An unforgettable plan.

3). To know about our indigenous ancestors.

For many time, the Tayrona Park was the house of our old brothers, the indigenous taironas. From this tribe came out another that still live there as the Koguis and the Arhuacos. If you like to know about history besides enjoying the sea, the sun and the sand, the Tayrona Park is the best place to do it. You can visit the Pueblito Chayrama, where you can see the vestiges of these cultures that are still on the area.

4). Disconnect from the city routine.

The daily rythm of life in the city cause some times you wish to go far from all and disconnect. The Tayrona park offers different accommodations and spaces where you can have this luxury. To rest in a hammock or in a beautiful cabin with windows to see and hear the sea, it is the best to free your body and forget about the daily routine.

5). Make some exercise.

On weekends, it is normal to see many cyclists and runners through the paths of Tayrona exercising his bodies and minds. To make sport activities in a place without pollution, or annoying noises and with all calm is totally different.  Apart from these sports, in some beaches of the park you can practice diving for those who look for a little more of adventure.


Travel to Colombia  and specially to Tayrona Park will be your best adventure. 

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