The Colombian cuisine is recognized worldwide for its variety of dishes, which are distinguished by their seasoning and of course the passion at the time of cooking. If you do not know what to order when you visit Colombia, here are some suggestions for the best 5 typical dishes of this country.





Typical dish of Antioquia, also known as the Montadeja Tray. Its main characteristic is its large volume in quantity and in the variety of foods it contains, for this reason it can only be served in trays, that’s why its name, Paisa Tray. It is made up of Pork Leg Beans, White Rice, Chicharrón, Ground Beef, Patacón, Fried Egg, Hogao (vegetables fried in sauce) Arepa Antioqueña (without salt), Black pudding, Avocado and slices of red tomato (some add chorizo).

This dish can be found in every corner of Colombia and it is usual to find it as a daily dish in popular restaurants in smaller portions.





Although it is a dish that each region prepares differently and has many names, the most recommended is the coastal sancocho. Soup based on meats, vegetables, tubers and condiments. The three-phase coastal sancocho is the most desired is made with 3 meats, beef, chicken and old chicken; In addition to this, it carries Yuca, Yam, Cob, Green Banana, Ahuyama, Arracacha, Papa, Cilantro, condiments and the 3 meats.

It is of great tradition on the coast and in the country, take it together with lunch in small portions, prepare it on Sunday at home to enjoy with the family or as an aperitif at parties where alcohol is consumed as it has the benefit of avoiding the famous “guayabo” (hangover) that alcohol causes.





Another variation of the sancocho, typical of the Santa Fe region. This is different because the main ingredient is the potato in its 3 classes, Creole potato, pastusa potato and sabanera potato added in large pieces, this helps to texture the sancocho. Chicken is the meat that the ajiaco carries, corn, cilantro, guasca, garlic, long onion, capers, avocado and for those who like it, they can add milk cream. The typical way to serve in is clay pots that help keep the heat. It is very traditional in the capital of Colombia – Bogotá, where it is served almost daily.





Tolimense dish highlighted by its particular presentation. A suckling pig filled with different ingredients that make this dish a delight. The piglet should be large, clean carefully leaving only the skin with some meat and the head should be whole as well as the ribs. The rest of the extracted meat is marinated and prepared with vegetables and condiments. It is filled again giving shape to the piglet.

It is a dish with a lot of preparation and cooking time, but it is worth waiting for the whole process. It is very common for traditional outdoor festivities, such as gastronomic festivals, games and many more.





Although it is traditional in the Colombian Atlantic coast and it is not a complete plate of food, it is one of the most desired dishes and tasted by foreigners who arrive in Colombia, since it can be obtained in any region and corner of the country, it consists of frying an arepa of corn dough, add a raw egg inside, seal and fry again. Its preparation is so curious that it attracts the eyes and curiosity of tourists.

You can not leave Colombia without trying this bite.


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