In Colombia, there are all kinds of neighborhoods, from the oldest, to the most luxurious. All cities manage their stratum, but there are neighborhoods that manage a higher level.


El Prado:

The district of El Prado is located in the city of Barranquilla, it is a republican neighborhood, where all its houses are colonial, spacious and walking through its streets is transported to the past. Buying a house in this sector is costing around $ 700 million.


El Poblado:

In the city of Medellín, the Poblado neighborhood is located. Here is the building with the most luxurious apartment towers, the owners in their parking have the best cars. An apartment of these can be bought more or less at $ 650 million.


Ciudad Jardín:

In the city of Cali, the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood is located, this place is characterized by a high range of nature, this site has commercial areas. Buying a home in this place is a luxury, a house can be obtained at an average of $ 950 million, there are even houses that can reach 3 billion pesos.

El Peñón:

It is located in the city of Cali. One of its characteristics is the gastronomic offer. In addition to its luxurious homes, the traditional sector has a park that brings together Sundays, artists and artisans who expose their works to visitors. An apartment there costs an average of 450 million pesos.

Los Rosales:

In the city of Bogotá, the Rosales neighborhood is located, it is located in the town of Chapinero and is the ideal place to invest in housing. Normally, the investment to buy an apartment is $ 600 million pesos.


The city of Cartagena is the most dreamed. Here, in this beautiful city, the square meter is the most expensive in the country. The historic center contains architectural pieces recovered from the ruins of the colonial era and today became hotels such as Santa Clara and Santa Teresa.

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