These are the fabulous alternatives that you can find in Colombia to live a romantic escape with your partner or to find that other half that can complement your life.





Its good taste and beauty make the streets of Cartagena the most romantic in the whole country, a good carrousel ride along the cobbled avenues of the old city make love flourish in any couple. The perfect paradise to meet that special person and take a walk in the moonlight. To achieve a better chemistry, enjoy the waves and the blue of the sea where you can enrich the passion.






A whole colonial landscape reveals these streets that enchant the view and that transport you to a romantic time full of adventure. Its stone streets lit by the yellow of the house lanterns, give that romantic touch that you need to find that other half or to enrich the love between you and your partner.






The tranquility and privacy will be your best weapons, a quiet walk through its historic streets along with the mountain landscape, will leave your companion breathless and will serve you to take advantage and conquer his heart. But if you prefer adventure to impress, the extreme sports that you can practice in Barichara are the best option to take the applause of that special person.






All the majesty of the coffee lands and their imposing mountains, make Pereira a city to meet love. Its climate, the atmosphere and its aroma of coffee sharpen the senses so that you find your better half or if you already have it, a tour of these green coffee fields help to renew that love.






Being the capital of the country, it has all the alternatives that can help you find love or intensify the one already obtained. It can be in an elevator of an elegant hotel, sharing a table in an exclusive disco or a beautiful coffee by candlelight are the perfect details where you can find face to face the master and romantic places that attracts many singles with the ideology of romance