In this top, you will notice that the cities that stand out for the practice of this sport or recreational activity, are those that are located on the Andes mountain ranges, their mountains recreate the view while they travel their paths.





Its location in the middle of the eastern mountain range, makes this department the perfect setting for the practice of mountaineering, its wide paths, its mountainous roads offer to those who practice this sport a variety of places with different landscapes where they can enjoy a good activity.





This department is on 2 Western and Eastern mountain ranges, which surround with impossibility and provide localities for cyclomontals of varying degrees of difficulty in addition to different landscapes such as plains, marshes, lakes, moors and more. Antioquia also has the most important artificial tracks for cycling and bicicross practices.





This department located in the north-east of the country on the eastern mountain range of the Andes, offers routes of all degree of difficulty for the practice of mountaineering. Highlights its high hills and trails accompanied by cliffs and rocks that attracts the attention of athletes who concentrate in Paipa to tour the department.





This department has as capital the city of Neiva, and has the 2 main national parks where they allow the practice of this sport that are the Tatacoa Desert and Villavieja and the Nevado del Huila. These 2 different scenarios have ideal trails for anyone who practices this sport in all its categories.





Its capital is the city of San Juan de Pasto. Lush vegetation and mountains that are part of the Western and Central-Eastern mountain ranges present athletes with landscapes, routes and terrain conducive to mountain climbing. We can highlight routes like Estancia and Rio Bobo, the green lagoon and sulfur volcano


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