To travel to Colombia, specially to Santa Marta is an unforgettable experience. Santa Marta is the oldest city in Colombia and the second one in all Southamerica. It is known as an attractive touristic because it is a city that have everything, beaches, big mountains and the place where Simón Boliver ‘el libertador” died.





It is place located some minutes form the city, this park is a total adventure, it has the best beaches of the Caribbean area, it has an amazing forest, and stones that glamorize the way.

You can know the park by yourself or with a guide. To get to the park, you must take a bus from the Santa Marta Mall to the El Zaino entrance that takes about one hour.

Once there, you must pay the ticket entrance and then walk for about two hours through the forest where you can see different birds or animals, feeling the peace and quiet of this beautiful place until you find the beach.





This one was the first in Latin America. The building was finished in 1765. The structure has a colonial style and it is located in a square. Inside, it is decorated with plaques and memorials of the important historical moments of the city.

On December the 20th, of 1830, the remains of Simón Bolivar were kept in this place until 1842. In this place it is too the founder of Santa Marta, Rodrigo de Bastidas whose remains were brought from Dominican Republic in 1953. The Santa Marta cathedral is one of the most important in Latin America.





This fishermen town is located at 20 minutes from the city of Santa Marta, it is an ideal place to rest and get away from the noise of the city in a natural place. The beaches are the most beautiful and it is the place where you can hear the histories of fishermen, where to feel the waves, where to see the best sunset.

You can rent cabins in Taganga, there are good restaurants, rumba danced until the dawn and there are boats to get you directly to Playa Cristal (inside Tayrona Park). It is really a very cozy place and above all, to visit it with your couple.





This is the place where Simón Bolivar “el libertador” spent his last nights, it is an historical place and a memorial to the city, the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino gives an explanation about the history of Colombia and shows you more with the Bolivarian Museum. In the Botanic garden you can find trees from more than 70 years that were brought from different parts of the world.


LOST CITY. Trekking



One of the attractive points of Santa Marta is Lost City. This archaeological site exists since 700 years ago, the construction is made with wood and stone. To get to the place you must take into account that it is an adventure of 4 days, where you can observe different types of landscapes and go throught the river Buritaca, this is an spiritual way where you connect with nature and the antiques.





It is the most touristic beach in Santa Marta, known by the discos, bars and restaurants of caribbean food. The Rodadero take the name of the old and yet dissapear mountain of sand where the visitors slipped from the top and end in the sea. You can enjoy the beach totally safe as the waters are very calm.





It is a little province of Santa Marta located at only 40 minutes going up one of the roads to Sierra Nevada. It is known for the great variety of exotic birds and the rivers of cold and crystal waters that conforms wells where the indigenous practiced ceremonies and rituals. Nowadays they are used for the enjoy of tourist and have taken much attractive.





A beautiful waterfall of crystal water welcome you in this marvelous place which can only be visited in certain season of the year as in times of drought, the waterfall is like it doesn’t exist. Ideal to take a bath and enjoy the nature that surround the place.





Typical Caribbean dish consisting of fried fish (mojarra or red snapper preferably) accompanied by a delicious and sweet coconut arugula, green banana, salad and a rich natural juice with ice for heat.