San Andrés, It is the most desirable island of Colombia, for its sea of 7 colors, for the paradisiacal and its culture in particular. It is part of the archipelago of Providencia and Santa Catalina. It is a splendid place to visit and relax and take a bath by the sea.





It is the paradise of Colombia for many. The calm of this beach is incomparable as is its beautiful sea. Crystal waters and golden sand are the symbol that describes Cayo Bolívar. You can observe fishes and mantarrayas without having to submerge.





It is considered as a Regional Park, it is one of the must-see plans of San Andrés. White sand, crystal clear waters and typical Caribbean restaurants are the 3 ideal spots to enjoy the beach. Here you can have a delicious cocktail in the shade of the palms or while strolling around the island and visiting the Mangrove.





You can enjoy marine life without walls, glass or networks that separate you. The sea is shallow which gives you the feeling of being able to walk on the water and helps the visibility of the fish. Ideal for Snorkeling and swimming safely.





The reef that contains the island, is incredible of great biological importance, Perform Diving or Snokel is a fantastic adventure, because you interact with the marine world directly. The best place to do this activity is the Cayo Bolívar and Albuquerque.





As it has calm waters, San Andrés offers sports activities for you to share with family, friends or with your partner. In different corners, you can have a few drinks, listen to music and eat fried fish and sports activities as well as diving, you can rent boards with sail to navigate on the waters of the island.





Tourists can not fail to pass the Blow Hole, which is an incredible phenomenon of nature, this occurs depending on the swell, the stronger the jet that comes out of the earth is strong. No doubt this phenomenon must be recorded in photographs.





This is one of the most fascinating places on the island, this is where the story lived with the pirates and treasures is told. This place was the military base of the pirate Henry Morgan (cave of Morgan) for too many years, it is said that still in the place are hidden treasures. Here you will find several canyons, incredible nature and spectacular scenery.





This Island is located in the Old Providence Mac Bean Laggon National Park. On this site you can make two plans. The first, Snorkel, which allows you to see the entire seabed and the second, is the attractive sight that the island offers. The only way to get here is by speedboat from Providencia.





It is a tourist attraction, where you live a journey through time. It is a house built 100% in wood, following the concept of the houses of the British colony and simulates the style of life on the island many centuries ago. It also performs dancing shows representative of the natives.





Additional to the sun and the different tourist sites, San Andrés has a very busy nightlife Sanadresano style and above all you can not miss the dance. One of the most recognized clubs is Ecstasy for its unique environment. According to the islanders, the rumba of the island, is for people who hold the dance and especially to erase the sadness and bad times. The music that is heard are mixtures of different Afro-Caribbean rhythms with modern rhythms.


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