The city of Medellín, despite not being the capital of the country has many tourist attractions. It is a favorite place for Colombians and foreigners, for its culture, its landscapes, its climate and for all the technological and architectural advances. It is the favorite city to live and spend a splendid vacation.

  1. Climate

The city of Medellín, due to its geographical location, has a very pleasant climate, which has an average temperature of 22 ° Celsius, therefore it is not hot and it is ideal to visit the different parks and especially to take a good walk.


  1. Museum and gardens Castle.

This medieval castle is a replica, its founder Don José Tobón, made an architectural jewel with precise details. The Museum has 6 gardens inspired by different cultures such as Japanese and French. It is a space for the creation of future artists of music, sculpture and painting.


  1. Antioquia Museum

The main attraction of the museum is the collection donated by the artist and teacher Fernando Botero, among other international and national artists. This was inaugurated in 1881 and from there it has been a symbol and patrimony of the city. The main purpose is to highlight the Colombian artists by name and those who are hardly to be known.


  1. Bandeja Paisa

Known as Bandeja Montañera, being the characteristic dish of Medellín, for its main amount of food that it has and for this characteristic it is served on a tray. It has beans, pork, white rice, pork rinds, ground beef, fried egg, Antioqueña arepa, avocado and blood sausage and in some places they add chorizo. This dish is really delicious and is the most popular in your region and you can find it everywhere in Colombia.


  1. The quality of persons.

The paisas, has a peculiar characteristic that is their kindness, they are always willing to help those who are not from the city, they are industrious people and above all highly specialized, good sellers, it is a spectacular culture.


  1. The events

Medellín is the host city for the most important events nationally and internationally, among which is the flower fair, the international tango festival and the international festival of poetry. It also takes place also Colombiamoda, one of the most relevant events and therefore attracts visitors, is a city that is an industry and has grown economically.


  1. Shoping in Medellín.

This city is characterized by fashion and good dress. The shopping centers, chain stores, boutiques and outlets are totally economical and always have the latest collections of national and international designers.


  1. The subway

The transport system was founded in 1995 and is an attraction of the city. This covers a route that includes the Aburrá valley. The metro cable does not only lead to the inhabitants of the communes, but it is a tourist guide that can be seen from the top of the Spanish library, the Arvi Park and the village of El Tambo.


  1. Pueblito Paisa

It is a space to the traditional of Antioquia, it is a replica of the towns of the region, it has a stone plaza, a church, a health house, the mayor’s office and among other representations. It is located on the top of Nutibara hill. This place has balconies that give an incredible view towards the city. As every tourist place has craft shops.

  1. Parque lleras

It is located in the inn zone of Medellín, in El Poblado. Here you will find restaurants and bars of all kinds. In the middle of the park there is a statue that alludes to the farmers of the region. This offers a variety for all types of audiences.


Travel to Colombia, specially to Medellín is an experience that you can’t miss.


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