Usually, the capitol of the country that is Bogotá is not the main touristic point for national and international travelers, but this city has much to show us, starting with the climate, the cultural and its strong personality.


Botanical Museum



The museum is located in La Candelaria, inside, you can appreciate 123 works as paintings, scultures and drawings. It belongs too to the private collection of Botero, where you can also find 85 works from international artists as Dalí, Picasso, Miró, between others. You don’t need to pay to enter the museum.


The 93 Park



This marvelous place is known as the center of gastronomy, where you can find restaurants, bars, cafés, and shops surrounding all the park. The exclusivity of this area is brings persons from anywhere and gives the place a vibrant nightlife.





This a international level project. Here is where the science and technology lives in an interactive way to give a new and interesting experience. There are expos and activities where the visitors learn how it work the world in a different and funny way.


Quinta de Bolívar House Museum



This place is near Monserrate. This is a gift of the New Granada government. Here you can find some personal objects, furnitures and writings from Simón Bolivar. This place has beautiful gardens, is a relaxing site and on sundays the entrance is free.


Monserrate Hill



It is White Sanctuary, you can go there by day or by night, on cableway, steps or funicular. From there you have a beautiful view, this was the most important point of peregrination from 1657 where it was built. There are restaurantes of typical foods in the place.





This was one of the first places of indigenous settlement, it has his architectural structure from the colonial age. It is located in the north of Bogotá and it is the most charming place of the city. On Sundays you can see a Mercado de Pulgas, handicrafts, typical sweets, and used items. It also have a great offer of food and restaurants.


La calera



The best is the view it offer, it is one of the most beautiful places of Bogotá, from there you can take the best panoramic pictures from the city and see the sunset meanwhile you are having a canelazo, a typical hot shot mixed with hard liquor. There are also bars and restaurants.





It is the historical center of Bogotá, and the most important is the culture, this district has colonial houses located in stone streets. It has bohemian bars and picturesque restaurants where to taste the Santafereña gastronomy. The perfect site to make a walk and visit any of the places.


Gastronomy Santafereña



One of the typical dishes of Bogotá is ajiaco, this tasty soup, has 3 types of potatoes as criolla, papa pastusa y papa sabanera. It has chicken, cob, cilantro, guasca, garlic, large onion, capers, avocado and rice. This can be taken for lunch and for dinner.


The T and the Rosa zone



This is the most exclusive zone in Bogotá, it has a great offer in restaurants and commercial shops. It is ideal to go out with friends or couple by night to have a joyful time, it has many bars and discos. It is called Zona T because the restaurants and fun sites conforms a T letter.