Many of the tourists nowadays decide to travel and plan their vacations on their own, this implies for them to find the lowest tickets and prices including the so-called economic destinations; They are some cities that manage a low cost and where you can get the best out of your money, but they do not stop offering the best experiences. Here are some of them:






It is the oldest city in Colombia located in northern Colombia. Santa Marta offers some plans for all budgets, among the most economical is to visit the Rodadero seaside, the Quinta of San Pedro Alejandrino, the beaches of Taganga, among others.






Capital of the Atlántico department and also called the golden gate of Colombia for its great international port. Barranquilla is recognized for its great contribution to Caribbean culture and its carnival, which is the second largest in the world. Some of the cheap places to visit are its museums.





Famous for its landscapes full of a wonderful green color, there is a place with the typical gastronomy of the region and the development of the first line of Colombian history. Its places of natural magic make a complete outline of the diversity that exists in the country.

On the one hand its temples, sacred places, historical sites and on the other the peculiar gastronomic range that represents the area very well. Some of the attractions to visit are Villa de Leyva, la tota lagoon, among others.




Located to the south of the department of Nariño, it has a temperature of 12 ° C, one of the tourist sites that you can travel to is the Sanctuary of Las Lajas, one of the architectural jewels.




It has different landscapes, rivers where you can practice different extreme sports, some of the places to visit are its towns such as San Gil, Barichara, the Chicamocha canyon and the capital Bucaramanga.