It is one of the most beautiful towns in QuindíO and Eje Cafetero. It is called “La Colina Iluminada” (the enlightened hill). Its touristic atraction, landscaping and historical is an addition to its arquitecture in the urban area and specially in the main park, due to the uniformity and colorful balconies carefully designed by the owners, as the doors and windows full of history and legacy from the antioqueña colonization.

An spectacular place that you can not miss in Filandia is the Bird Watching that is a natural reservation and an important scenario to see all type of birds.





If you wish to know a typical “pueblo cafetero”, Salamina is the option. It is a town known for the made of cobijas, ruanas and hangings. Also a special place to rest and enjoy a very good gastronomy for our taste, formed by plates as beets filled with egg and salads or the Macana and steamed eggs from the El Polo bakery.

It is also good to know that it is between the 10 most beautiful towns in all the country.





It is located in the central mountain range, it is one of the towns with more tourism from Colombia and abroad all year.

thanks to the architecture and the colorful houses, the gastronomy and a variety handmade articles, and specially because it is the access point to the Cocora Valley. In this valley, the Orejiamarillo parrot and unnumberable species will show you the charming of the Andes range.

Salento is the overlook that offers the best landscapes in Quindío, valleys and small fincas compounds the landscape at only 5 minutes from Salento.





This city council enthrall to the most timid, thanks to the pretty legacy that left the antioqueña colonization with balconies and magnificent interior courtyards.

A mixture of nature, coffee culture, music, architecture and familiarity, that is what find the people who visit Marsella. Between the places to visit in Marsella, it is the Botanic Garden, located in the Vía Pereira avenue, at a block from the main gas station, it is a perfect place for leisure time and have a great touristic attraction with variety of fauna and flora.





Peace and quiet is what offer this town and that deserve to be included in the International Cittaslow o “slow cities” from the world. According to this distinction founded in Italy, Piajo belongs to the group of 135 cities in the world.

that lives in harmony with nature, the local culture, the healthy food and gives to the inhabitants a good quality of life, and specially peace. In addition, the marvelous environment with the architecture and the landscapes. The turistic places to visit in Pijao are: the Ecopark, La Mariela Overlook.