Distinguished for its exceptional colonial beauty and its devout inhabitants, Assumption of Popayán or the so-called “The Jerusalem of America” invites each of its visitors to marvel at one of the corners of its extensive historical center where you will surely enjoy a unique way The beauty of it.




parque tierra dentro


Declared a world heritage site in 1995, this archaeological reserve is one of the most important in the country, just outside the city where an excursion is ideal, owning much of the pre-Columbian culture and history and equipped with diverse statues of it.






UNESCO in 2005 called Popayán as “Popayán, gastronomic city par excellence” so it lives the gastronomic heritage of its indigenous ancestors, Afros and even Spanish for this reason we invite you to taste the exquisite dishes that characterizes it.




museo histórico


Ruled by the University of Cauca, this museum is considered one of the most complete due to its extensive exhibitions in each of its 8 rooms, the ornithology room being considered one of the most complete.
It invites visitors to the historic Popayán to recreate the route through the great diversity of species found there..




centro historico popayan


Visit the historic center of this white city and delight in the beautiful colonial architecture that it preserves, visit the basilica cathedral Our Lady of the Assumption which with more than 40 meters high and its particular neoclassical style, this cathedral previously built in bahareque invites each of the visitors of Popayán to visit him.
Its historic center has more than 230 blocks which makes it one of the largest in Colombia, here you can enjoy the cuisine, culture, history and the affectionate people that characterizes it.




parque purace


6464 meters above sea leval in the central mountain range of the Colombian Andes, we will find this majestic park, the Puracé is one of the few points where if you are lucky you will see the great Condor also known as the national bird, In addition they decorate unique landscapes of the department of the cauca, landscapes only seen there.
This great site is equipped with fauna and flora of the department, has a variety of waterfalls with falls of more than 10 meters and the same part of the Colombian massif, where the rivers of Cauca, Caquetá, Magdalena and Patía are formed.