Below we will name some of the most influential and active politicians in Colombia, these usually occupy an important position and have established thoughts regarding politics, opinion leaders, culture, among others.


1. Juan Manuel Santos


He is a Colombian politician and economist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016, he was president from 2010 to 2018. He became a member of the liberal party in its beginnings, this is the oldest and most traditional political party. He has a degree in economics and business administration from the University of Kansas and then studied in the United Kingdom and Harvard where he received a master’s degree in economics and economic development and public administration. On his twitter page he has 5.5M followers so far.


2. Gustavo Petro


He is currently a senator from the republic, is an economist graduated from the Externado University of Colombia and an ex-military man from the former M-19 guerrilla. He is the founder of the Colombia Humana political party. In 2010 and 2018 he was a candidate for the presidency of Colombia but this was not successful. In 2012-2015 he was mayor of the city of Bogotá. On his twitter page he has 3.9M followers so far.


3.Álvaro Uribe


He was born in the city of Medellín, was president in the year 2002 to 2010, is a lawyer graduated from the University of Antioquia, studied administration and management at the Harvard University Extension School, during his candidacy he was based on fighting against terrorism and drug trafficking one of the most outstanding operations in its mandate against terrorism was the checkmate operation where 15 kidnappers were released, including 3 Americans. On his twitter page he has 4.9 M followers so far.


4. German Vargas Lleras


He was born in the city of Bogotá, is a politician and a lawyer graduated from Rosario University. He was a senator in the year 1994 to 2008, and head of the radical change party was a candidate for the presidency in 2010 and 2018, in the year 2014 to 2017 he was vice president at the hand of Juan Manuel Santos as president of Colombia. On his twitter page he has 853.7 thousand followers so far.


5. Armando Benedetti


Born in the city of Barranquilla, he is a journalist and political social communicator, in 2010 he was elected as the president of the congress in 2010 and 2011. In 2006 he joined the U party. On his twitter page he has 252 thousand followers so far.