Colombia has different climates and thermal floors as well as moors that make it a fertile and special land to grow different types of flowers, thanks to this, Colombia is the second country in the world to export flowers, becoming one of the most important in the Colombian economy. Below we send you a category of 7 most exotic flowers that you can find in Colombia.



1. Orchidaceae / Orchid


It has different species and for this reason it is the national flower and refers to the flower called Cattleya Trianae. It features a variety of shapes and colors. It is also known as May flower or May lily.


2. Amazon victory


It is also called the royal victory, it is a lily and it is one of the largest of its kind; water lily. They are found in the rivers and lakes of the Amazon jungle.


3. Restrepia Falkenbergii


It is one of the species of orchids, it occurs in the department of Antioquia in the central mountain range at elevations of 1000 meters above sea level.
It is medium in size and grows in warm to cool weather.


4. Heliconia wagneriana


It is found in tropical forests and can reach a height of 2 m.


5. Alpinia Purpurata


It is normally found in the department of Cundinamarca in the flat areas and mountains. It prefers shady and humid climates.


6. Ginger shampoo


They can reach up to 2 meters in height, their stems are thick and their leaves are born from the base and are pointed.


7. Colombian Cayenne


There are around 150 species of this type, in Colombia it is called Colombian Cayenne, its colors and aromas make this flower one of the most striking.