When you travel to Colombia, you can find many gifts, the only difficult thing is to chose one.

Café of Colombia

What stands out the most in the country is the coffee. The trademark known all over the world is Juan Valdez. The “café”, is found in all regions of Colombia, but the called “eje cafetero” is the best and traditional place, because there is where the grain is softer.


Mochilas Arhuacas

This backpacks are made by indigenous communities of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This is a great gift and is fashionable nowadays in Colombia. The designs represent all the hand-made of the communities and the elaboration of the backpacks take about 8 months.

Sombrero Vuelteao

This hat is typical from the Caribe area, and it is made with ‘caña flecha’ thread.This hat can be turned in many ways and can be stored in small bags or in the form of a cylinder. It really covers the sun and is very used on the coast.

Wayuu Handicrafts

The crafts of this indigenous community are backpacks, handles and hammocks. For their creations they use a variety of colors. Backpacks are found everywhere and corners of the country, but are the most characteristic elements of the guajira.

Typical pies

We are the country where you see the variety of sweets made at home, you can usually find it in each corner of the tourist sites, the candy of arequipe, dulce de leche and coconut.

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