In Colombia, in addition to its paradisiacal charms such as the sea, the adventures and the fauna and flora, we find a beautiful treasure and that is the emeralds. In Colombia, several jewelries stand out that carve and give the best shape to the emerald.




1. Joyería Caribe Museo de la Esmeralda
It is the jewelry factory, where you can see artisans who produce silver and gold jewelry adorned with emeralds. The showroom of this family business. It is the only jewelry store in Colombia with a Quality Management System and International Guarantee certificate.



2. Fundación Museo Internacional de Esmeralda
Here the traditional goldwork of Colombia is sold and made. Colombian emeralds that come from the boyaca region, are cut and carved with the hands of experts.


3. Centro Internacional de Esmeraldas, Joyeria y Negocio.
One of the most recognized stores where they sell the best emeralds and carvings in the city of Bogotá.

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